The Top Benefits of Replacing the Windows in Your Home

Many people are unfamiliar with when and why they should consider replacing their windows. A big indicator that your windows need replacing is cracks that are impairing your home’s curb appeal. You may also notice some drafts or loud noises coming in from the outside.

Home window and door replacement can come with many benefits! Some of the top benefits include:

$    Reduced Energy Costs

Replacing your windows can save you up to 33% on your utility bill and help to reduce your carbon footprint! 

Replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows will help you to save money on your heating and cooling costs every month. 

ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors will keep the temperature of your house continually at a comfortable level. You won’t have to overwork your air conditioner or heater anymore!

Increased Home Value

Thinking of selling your house soon?

New windows will increase your home’s value. Windows are important to homebuyers and will not only help to sell your home, but will increase the buying price!

Tip: Find out your home’s value easily on Zillow!

Noise Reduction

Getting tired of hearing your neighbor’s dog constantly barking? Loud music playing outside late at night?

Replacing windows will help to reduce outside sounds from being heard inside your house! Get a better night sleep with less sound interruptions from outside!


Speaking of a better night sleep…

Improve your family’s safety by having state of the art locking features available on windows and doors! Some windows will even have tempered or laminated glass which will not break as easily as regular glass.

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405 Windows offers unmatched service and state-of-the-art replacement windows for energy savings, reduced maintenance, and a more comfortable and beautiful home. Our beautiful windows are vinyl and insulated for maximum energy efficiency to save money on your energy bills, even in the harshest climates. We offer a wide variety of replacement windows to match the interior and exterior of your home.

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  1. I had no idea that you can save about 33% on your energy bill by simply having your windows replaced. I have had the same windows in my house since the day I moved in a couple of years ago. It might be time to change them out and I am excited because it will probably end up being cheaper for me in the long run.

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