How to Pick the Right Window For Your Home

It’s important to pick the right style that will match the feel and look for your home! There’re so many types of windows and we’re here to help you navigate through all the options and find the one that is best for you!

Commonly known as: top hung windows, top hinged windows, crank out windows, retractable windows

Awning windows can be a wonderful addition to your home, as they offer not only a unique style and placement versatility, but an easy function.

These windows have the ability to give you fantastic ventilation in your house and they are designed in such a way that you don’t have to decide between good air flow and keeping the elements out. The hinges are located at the top of the awning window, so it opens outward from the bottom, and with an easy twist of a handle, you can open it to let fresh air in without worrying that rain or other precipitation will enter. Additionally, they can come with a screen located on the inside so that they last longer than those in traditional windows.

While the function of these windows is quite obviously a fantastic reason to consider getting them installed in your home, we understand that you want style as well as functionality, and awning windows offer this in spades. Since these windows are so small, they come with incredible versatility as far as placement goes. They can top doors to provide additional light to your entry way, they are wonderful when paired up with non-opening, or “fixed” windows, and they can be used on their own in spaces that don’t have much room, such as the top of walls in basements to add much needed air flow in the often humid area. These windows are a great option for any home!

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Commonly known as: Oriel window, Projection window, 90-degree angle window, 45-degree bay window, 30-degree bay window, box bay window, square bay window, compass window

Bay windows extend outside to add space inside and bow windows carve out curved new nooks. These types of windows are not only visually stunning, they are also incredibly functional. There are two types of windows that can be split into another two subcategories.

The first type is the Bay window, they have what looks like three separate parts, usually the ones on either side open to let in air while the center one stays in place, though all of them can be fixed. The two subcategories in this type refer to the degree at which they protrude outward, there is a 30 and a 45 degree one (as seen in the sample below).

The second type is referred to as a bow window, this one has many different panels that work together to create a rounder protruding look. The subcategories in this type refer to the number of panels, or units, that make up the window, we offer a 4-unit one and a 5-unit one as seen in the example below. These windows are a statement piece, looks wise, but they also allow more light to enter because you have more windows in a smaller opening since they do extend out past the house. These are a wonderful choice if you have old bay or bow windows and would like them to be replaced with a newer version.

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Commonly known as: crank windows, side hinge windows, side hung windows, hinged windows

Casement windows are an ideal choice for just about every home. They come in many sizes and materials to best fit your house’s overall look and style. Casement windows are a perfectly balanced mixture of functionality and design, from their uncluttered views to their easy opening capabilities, let us tell you why you would want these windows in your home.

They are hinged on the side and open similarly to a door. Some open with a light push while others only need a simple twist of their handle, they let in a nice breeze to help increase the air flow in a stuffy room.

Not only are they easy to operate, they also allow you the unencumbered look of a “fixed”, or non-opening, window. Because the windows don’t slide, there are no rails to obstruct your view. Additionally, the windows come with the screens on the inside, so they last longer, and you don’t need to worry about insects entering your home while you are enjoying the light, warm breeze of a spring night. The only potential downside to these windows is the fact that you cannot mount an air conditioner in these windows, but if you are in the market for a window with a clear view, easy opening options, style, protected screens and with plenty of sizes to choose from, this may just be the window for you.

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Commonly known as: sash windows, hung sash windows

Double hung windows (“sash” windows) are a classic favorite and popular choice-with good reason!

The ‘double’ part of the double hung windows means that both the top and bottom portions have the ability to tilt inward for maximum air flow, easy cleaning and this allows for the addition of a screen on the outside to keep out unwanted bugs and debris from yard work without interfering with your cleaning ability. Not too many people enjoy cleaning their windows and we understand why! It’s a task that seems to require countless trips outside, but with double-hung windows cleaning is easy since you can tilt both portions of the window inwards, you don’t need to go outside to clean the outer portions of them, making cleaning windows faster and less strenuous.

Clearly these windows offer fantastic functionality, but did you know that they look great too? Our double hung windows offer a clean look that is simple enough to go with every house but sophisticated enough to add a luxe feel and ample lighting to any room.

Additionally, if you have a home that doesn’t have great air unit and you have been considering adding a window air conditioner, these windows are a smart choice for you to look in to. Our double-hung windows are better at keeping out cold air or water. That’s important if you live in a chilly, windy area (hello, OKC!) and would like to keep your house comfortable and dry!

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Commonly known as: single sash windows, single-hung sash windows

When you think of a simple, clean designed window, you are probably imagining a single hung, or sash window. They are a classic favorite among our customers and why wouldn’t they be?

They are wonderfully affordable, easily functional, and they are designed in a way that is clean and uncluttered while also being an elegant addition to your home.

One of the biggest upsides to this type of window is its affordability, our customers get the sleek, uncluttered view they want without breaking the bank. The single-hung window is a window that slides up form the bottom to let air enter and circulate around a room while the upper portion, or sash, remains fixed in place. The fact that this window slides up rather than protruding outward makes it ideal for placement in areas that don’t have much space, like an alley between homes or over a narrow walkway. These windows also come with the option of adding a screen to the outside, so you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes or any other critters getting in your home while you enjoy a nice summer night’s breeze.

While single-hung windows aren’t going to be the most elaborately designed window, they will offer you the practicality and easy that you need and can be paired up with more involved windows to help the other window pop a bit more. So, if you have decided you want a window that is wonderful in its simplicity and functionality, the single-hung window may just be the window for you!

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Commonly known as: horizontal sliding windows, gliding windows, slider windows

Horizontal sliding windows are a fantastic choice for any home. They offer a unique style and a fabulous functionality that leaves no doubt in our minds about why our customers love this style of window.

Horizontal sliding windows have a nonmoving, or fixed, sash that remains in place while the opposite side glides open and closed with ease. One of the reasons this style of window is so popular is that it gives our customers a clean, sleek, simple look that is different enough to be eye-catching and they come in many different sizes to fit the space you need. From an uncluttered glass to a crisp white vinyl frame (though it comes in other finishes, we’ve found that this is currently the most popular choice at the moment), it is quite clear to see the appeal of these horizontal sliding windows. Another reason you should consider this style of window is that they don’t open inward or outward, they just slide so they don’t require you to have the space for the windows to open.

Additionally, because these windows slide all the way to one side, our customers get a larger amount of air circulating in their room much faster than a window that swings outward. So, whether you choose these windows for their style or their functionality, they will be a wonderful choice for your home.

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Let’s say for a moment that you have looked at the other windows offered, and you’ve decided that you want something unique to make a statement in your home. You want something that is going to catch people’s eyes as they enter your home or even as they walk or drive by, but you can’t have, or simply don’t want a bay or bow window and you are not sure that you want to take the time and energy to design and install a custom window.

If that’s the case, we would like to suggest a uniquely shaped window. Most windows here in the United States are rectangular and they slide open, so if you want something unique and exciting added to your home, we offer round, arched, and contemporarily angled windows to spice things up in your home. Maybe you have a home with a Spanish style, and you would like the windows to be arched to be more cohesive with the rest of your house, we can do that for you! Perhaps you have a small bathroom with a round window that needs replacing, we can help with that, too! Or maybe you have a more modern home with many uniquely shaped windows already and one of them has been broken by accident, we can help you replace those!

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Perhaps you have looked through all of our window options at this point and you have decided that custom windows are what you would like to add to your home, that is absolutely fantastic! Custom windows are more costly, but the outcome of them is worth it!

This window option is just what you would expect, we help you get the custom windows you want or need and because the design of each window is up to you, you are really only limited by your imagination! We have these windows built to meet the needs and personal design of your home, between the shape, style, and size, your options are seemingly endless!

Maybe your home has a wonderfully large arched window in your living room that needs replacing, or you have a room that seems very dark and you would like to add a much larger window than what we traditionally sell. We can help you with either of these scenarios and many more!

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