Improving Your Curbside Appeal

Perhaps you have decided that you would like sell your house or maybe you just want your home to look nicer for yourself, either way the following improvements are relatively inexpensive, easy ways to quickly improve your curbside appeal.


Adding a flowerbed or two is probably the easiest and least time-consuming way to do this. You really only need a day to do this and it is completely possible to do on your own, though a helper would be a great help as well, and it only costs as much as your willing to spend!

The first thing you will need to do is decide where you want the flower bed. This may seem pretty obvious, but it is a very important step that shouldn’t be overlooked! You have to pick the location carefully because it will determine the flowers you can have, the amount of water available for those plants and the size that you can have.

The next thing you will want to do is pick out the materials you want to use to construct the flower bed. There are so many different types of materials to border the beds, you could use treated or cedar wood, metal, cinderblocks, bricks and so much more, you are really only limited by your imagination and your budget, just don’t forget the lining and you’ll be right on track!

Once you construct your flower bed, there are tons of sources on this on YouTube for every type of bed you could want to construct, It is time to pick out your plants! This is the most fun part of the whole experience in my opinion! This is where you really make your own, from the types of plants to the color of the blooms, but this requires a little more planning than you’d think. You need to check every label for the amount of sun each plant should receive, the size the plant will grow to, how much water each plant needs and if the plant is and annual or perennial. You’ll also want to look at the colors as you will want a cohesive look to the overall bed, and it will give you an idea on what color mulch you’ll want to get. I like to get a nice mix of nonflowering grasses and different plants with colorful blooms.

After you have your plants picked out, you will need to come up with a layout that is pleasing to the eye. A general rule to follow is tall plants in the back, medium in the middle and short in the front. 

I also tend to alternate the flowering and nonflowering plants to create a more symmetrical look. Be sure to dig a hole large enough to put the plant in without issue, but not so deep that the bottom leaves get covered. Be sure to break up the roots gently as you put them in.

Finally, you’ll top the flower bed off with mulch. This will help the plants maintain moisture in Oklahoma’s hot, dry summer, keep your weeding to a minimum, and insulate the plants. The color of mulch is totally up to you and makes the whole project look neat and tidy!

Helpful tip: You can get free wood chips in some areas!

Just a note, if you don’t want to do full flower beds and you have the space under your windows, wooden flower boxes look darling under a couple of windows at the front of your house, too! Additionally

New Paint

Another way to improve your curb appeal without breaking the bank and without taking up too much time is a new exterior paint.

You will first want to take the time to plan out your color scheme. If the update is for you, feel free to go wild with your color options, there are so many to choose from! If you are doing this to sell your home, however, you may choose a more neutral palate to work with, as it is considered sleeker and more modern.

After you’ve chosen your main color, the one that is going to go on your siding, you should look at adding a trim color to help make the look cohesive and fresh. 

Generally speaking, you want your trim to be lighter than your main color and you don’t want your main color to be too dark either, it looks more inviting with a lighter wash. That being said, ultimately the colors are up to you, it’s your home and you can paint it however you would like! Keep an eye out for sales in hardware and paint stores for great deals!

The next thing to do is paint, paint, paint! Like I’ve said, this is totally doable by yourself, but if you have a family willing to help, let them! Additionally, you can hire a painting crew, it is a labor-intensive process and not everyone likes to paint, so there is no shame in not doing it yourself! Be sure to tape off windows and doors for a professional edge. Note: if you have brick, you are certainly welcome to paint it, but once it is done you can’t go back without a lot of work. Power washing your brick can do wonders for improving the color and can make it look clean and new!

The final step is optional, but it can really take your home to the next level, painting your door. Red is the traditional vibrant addition, though a soft yellow or light blue can look fantastic as well! Maybe you don’t want to paint your door, but you do want a new look, check out to check out what doors we could do for you.


After you finish all this work on your home, you may decide that it looks great now, but your windows look a little dated with the new paint. 405 Windows has got you covered, from single-hung windows to fully custom, we have the window you need in the material and style you love to complete your outdoor look! Be sure to also check out our selection for gutters and siding. If you would like to ask about getting them in your home, set up a free quote with us on our website or call us at (405) 423-6723. Happy improving!

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