Awning Style

Commonly known as: top hung windows, top hinged windows, crank out windows, retractable windows

Awning windows can be a wonderful addition to your home, as they offer not only a unique style and placement versatility, but an easy function.

These awning windows have the ability to give you fantastic ventilation in your house and they are designed in such a way that you don’t have to decide between good air flow and keeping the elements out. The hinges are located at the top of the awning window, so it opens outward from the bottom, and with an easy twist of a handle, you can open it to let fresh air in without worrying that rain or other precipitation will enter. Additionally, awning windows can come with a screen located on the inside so that they last longer than those in traditional windows.

While the function of these awning windows is quite obviously a fantastic reason to consider getting them installed in your home, we understand that you want style as well as functionality, and awning windows offer this in spades. Since these windows are so small, they come with incredible versatility as far as placement goes. They can top doors to provide additional light to your entry way, they are wonderful when paired up with non-opening, or “fixed” windows, and they can be used on their own in spaces that don’t have much room, such as the top of walls in basements to add much needed air flow in the often humid area. These awning windows are a great option for any home!

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Awning windows are available in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl with multiple colors and stains! Select the one that matches your home best!