Bay or Bow Replacement Windows

Commonly known as: Oriel window, Projection window, 90-degree angle window, 45-degree bay window, 30-degree bay window, box bay window, square bay window, compass window

Bay windows extend outside to add space inside and bow windows carve out curved new nooks. These bay windows are not only visually stunning, they are also incredibly functional. There are two types of windows that can be split into another two subcategories.

The first type is the Bay window, they have what looks like three separate parts, usually the ones on either side open to let in air while the center one stays in place, though all of them can be fixed. The two subcategories in this type refer to the degree at which they protrude outward, there is a 30 and a 45 degree one (as seen in the sample below).

The second type is referred to as a bow window, this one has many different panels that work together to create a rounder protruding look. The subcategories in this type refer to the number of panels, or units, that make up the window, we offer a 4-unit one and a 5-unit one as seen in the example below. These bow windows are a statement piece, looks wise, but they also allow more light to enter because you have more windows in a smaller opening since they do extend out past the house. These are a wonderful choice if you have old bay or bow windows and would like them to be replaced with a newer version.

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Bay and bow windows are available in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl with multiple colors and stains! Select the one that matches your home best!