Casement Style

Commonly known as: crank windows, side hinge windows, side hung windows, hinged windows

Casement windows are an ideal choice for just about every home. They come in many sizes and materials to best fit your house’s overall look and style. Casement windows are a perfectly balanced mixture of functionality and design, from their uncluttered views to their easy opening capabilities, let us tell you why you would want these casement windows in your home.

Casement windows are hinged on the side and open similarly to a door. Some open with a light push while others only need a simple twist of their handle, they let in a nice breeze to help increase the air flow in a stuffy room.

Not only are casement windows easy to operate, they also allow you the unencumbered look of a “fixed”, or non-opening, window. Because the casement windows don’t slide, there are no rails to obstruct your view. Additionally, the windows come with the screens on the inside, so they last longer, and you don’t need to worry about insects entering your home while you are enjoying the light, warm breeze of a spring night. The only potential downside to these windows is the fact that you cannot mount an air conditioner in these windows, but if you are in the market for a window with a clear view, easy opening options, style, protected screens and with plenty of sizes to choose from, this may just be the window for you.

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Casement windows are available in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl with multiple colors and stains! Select the one that matches your home best!