Horizontal Sliding Windows

Commonly known as: horizontal sliding windows, gliding windows, slider windows

Horizontal sliding windows are a fantastic choice for any home. They offer a unique style and a fabulous functionality that leaves no doubt in our minds about why our customers love this style of window.

Horizontal sliding windows have a nonmoving, or fixed, sash that remains in place while the opposite side glides open and closed with ease. One of the reasons that this sliding window is so popular is that it gives our customers a clean, sleek, simple look that is different enough to be eye-catching and they come in many different sizes to fit the space you need. From an uncluttered glass to a crisp white vinyl frame (though it comes in other finishes, we’ve found that this is currently the most popular choice at the moment), it is quite clear to see the appeal of these horizontal sliding windows. Another reason you should consider sliding windows is that they don’t open inward or outward, they just slide so they don’t require you to have the space for the windows to open.

Additionally, because these sliding windows slide all the way to one side, our customers get a larger amount of air circulating in their room much faster than a window that swings outward. So, whether you choose these windows for their style or their functionality, they will be a wonderful choice for your home.

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Sliding windows are available in fiberglass and vinyl with multiple colors! Select the one that matches your home best!