Single-Hung Windows

Commonly known as: single sash windows, single-hung sash windows

When you think of a simple, clean designed window, you are probably imagining a single hung, or sash window. They are a classic favorite among our customers and why wouldn’t they be?

Single hung windows are wonderfully affordable, easily functional, and they are designed in a way that is clean and uncluttered while also being an elegant addition to your home.

One of the biggest upsides to a single hung window is its affordability, our customers get the sleek, uncluttered view they want without breaking the bank. The single-hung window is a window that slides up form the bottom to let air enter and circulate around a room while the upper portion, or sash, remains fixed in place. The fact that a single hung window slides up rather than protruding outward makes it ideal for placement in areas that don’t have much space, like an alley between homes or over a narrow walkway. These windows also come with the option of adding a screen to the outside, so you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes or any other critters getting in your home while you enjoy a nice summer night’s breeze.

While single-hung windows aren’t going to be the most elaborately designed window, they will offer you the practicality and easy that you need and can be paired up with more involved windows to help the other window pop a bit more. So, if you have decided you want a window that is wonderful in its simplicity and functionality, the single-hung window may just be the window for you!

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Single-hung windows are available in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl with multiple colors and stains! Select the one that matches your home best!